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A professional SMS ALERT service that will represent your business in indonesia

World class Interface to manage SMS Marketing Campaigns in indonesia and sms Alerts.

Broadcast/Send Prerecorded Voice in indonesia to many numbers in a single click.

Be global with our attractive International sms’s plans, Let’s start sending text sms anywhere in indonesia.

Easy to Integrate API with documentation. HTTP, XML, SOAP available.

Need help? Call us now on +91- 94068-11127

Text messaging for your business in indonesia.

Secure, Simple, Dependable. Welcome to SMSCluster!

We aim to provide you service that will revolutionize the way you communicate with your customers in indonesia. As industry leaders, SMSCluster provide an easy to use, reliable, secure, high capacity, online SMS service for indonesia, which will enable you to reach your customers – on mobile phones - direct!

This service is perfect for communicating with members of clubs or societies, promotion to client, Information sharing in indonesia and so much more!

Sending Text Messages Online in indonesia with SMSCluster interface will be very good and comfortable feeling. We offer excellent solutions for Corporate Colleges, Schools, Companies having multiple production, companies sales offices etc.

Start Text Message campaigns in indonesia for successful business. You can send alert messages in indonesia to multiple mobile users at a time in a single click.

Why to use SMS’s? :-

    • By our SMS you can get the global coverage.
    • Can reach to you users in a single click as our indonesia SMS gateway delivers millions of SMS every month and of good quality.
    • Comprehensive pricing adjusted exactly to your needs.
    • Real time statics for a constant overview of your traffic.
    • Flexible connection and 24*7 technical support.
    • Premium voice and mobile connectivity in more than 200 countries worldwide.
    • Platform independent and user friendly API.
    • Services like SMS excel plugin, SIM hosting, long &short code available.
    • Special offers for reseller.

Our Service is perfect for communicating with members of sales personnel in the field, clubs or societies, organizing and announcing events and so much more! Our pricing is one of the best available in the indonesia market with the service quality commitment.