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Sim Hosting enables you to receive your messages from your customer on your Sim and reply with your SMS via our SMS gateway.

Get ultimate Sim Hosting service with prominent cost. Regular sms charges for users instead of premium sms charges.

Enable you to receive your SMS on your sim and automates your reply as per keywords. And view all incoming sms on web panel.

Platform independent and user friendly Sim Hosting API making an ease to work on. We provide doc for all the API’s XML, HTTP.

Industry who have the requirement of large incoming SMS’s can opt this. For the companies where Information is most important.

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Sim Hosting Service pakistan

SIM Hosting service is an easy way to receive SMS messages from your clients through a connection to our SMS gateway. In this approach, you can have your own SIM card or a shared one hosted to one of our GSM modems so as to be able to receive SMS. All SMS messages sent to the mobile phone number of the SIM card will be forwarded to your e-mail account, to your mobile phone or to a web page of your preference.

SIM HOSTING in pakistan is the best way to give you the cheapest solution to get a Dedicated Long Code on which unlimited Primary Keywords can be created. It provides the user to have In-House SMS Solution with privacy and security to manage the application.With, you're sure that you are getting the best SMS Sim Hosting Plan in pakistan.

Your cell phone SIM card will act as a dedicated number of your SMS application. By using this service, you can create unlimited keywords and unlimited Sub keywords for the dedicated long code; you may also Courier your SIM card to us. Then we can insert that SIM card in one of our GSM servers, which is linked to our SMS gateway pakistan. Then our SMS Gateway will divert all your incoming SMS messages using a particular port / protocol to that’s suit your needs, such as SMS mailing, HTTPS,HTTP etc.

SIM hosting is the best way to ensure that you can use most cost effective solution for dedicated long code that you can create unlimited basic keywords. This allows the end user to have an in-house solution for SMS privacy and security concerns for use there.

How can You start

    • Purchase a SIM card from Any Service Provider.
    • Enable your SIM cared with all pakistan Roaming feature
    • Send your SIM to SIM hosting centre