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Send and confirm thousands of SMS deliveries in minutes.

We run multiple high speed connections to major tier 1 aggregators, this allows us to send thousands of messages per minute. We provide fully transparent delivery reports on dedicated channels showing delivery confirmations in close to real-time.

smscluster.com Long Code Feature's Are

  • No monthly fees, No hidden costs, No Monthly commitment on any purchase.

  • Unlimited Keywords and Unlimited Sub Keywords

  • Unmatched Services in industry.

  • Manage your Address Book / Phone Book.

  • Instant response

  • Complete Reporting

  • Auto reply for every incoming SMS

  • Manage your Address Book / Phone Book.

  • Customize auto replies as many times you want

High Performance SMS Delivery System
Advantage's of smscluster.com

  • Affordable :- save money. Text message for a fraction of the cost of long distance telephone calls

  • Flexible :- configure your account to meet your text messaging needs. No mobile phone required.

  • Global :- you can send International SMS to any country on the Planet.

  • Convenient :- time zones don’t matter. Set your messages to arrive with a delay to surprise your friends!

  • Easy to use :- send from a web browser or from excel plug-in .

  • Great Service :- messages are delivered just in seconds.

Blazingly Fast Dedicated Managed Servers