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Now meet demand smartly with voice SMS’s. It’s a Pre-recorded voice to send on many numbers in a single click.

Voice / data communication charge rates of price plans & special domestic and commercial service which is suitable for your business .

You can even upload & send prerecorded voice to you client instantly. Also provide interface to manage and monitor the activity.

Easy to use Voice SMS API with multiple uploads option. We have doc that makes API’s integration easy and perfect.

Flexible & discreet service for all kind of industry in affordable rates. Voice sms are very help full for personal touch.

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Voice SMS Service pakistan

Bulk voice sms or Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages that are recorded in a local language or in a language that understood by a common majority people that sends to a mobile or landline phone across the pakistan.According to uses of small businesses to large business We have various Voice SMS Plan for pakistan which is helpful to you for marketing your produce in pakistan.

Today’s Voice calls are more cost effective as compared to the traditional mailers. smscluster.com allows you to reach your audience by fastest, economical and easiest way. Send voice sms to mobile phones or landlines anywhere in pakistan.

Bulk voice sms or Bulk voice calls are calls that include automated automatic dialling of hundreds of numbers so the end user receives personal and breakthrough messages. The major advantage of pakistan bulk voice call is to provide access to many targeted people in relatively short period of time. This communication technique of bulk voice calls has the advantage of most penetrative reach and personalized messages.

Bulk voice calls is a powerful tool for promote your services and products or pass your message in pakistan. And you do all this in very short period of time. smscluster.com also offers Bulk SMS for pakistan and International SMS for pakistan.

Just follow the following easy STEPS to send bulk voice messages in pakistan

    • Record your voice message in .wav format .
    • Select the list of phone numbers for sending message.
    • Then our voice call system dials numbers from your list and play your recorded voice message. And for that there is no need for a person or agent for talking at the automated call. And the receiver of voice sms is simply listen your recorded voice message.