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Bulk SMS Plan singapore

Our Web SMS Service is a complete Bulk SMS Solution designed for a small, medium or large company. The web application is able to handle multilevel user accounts and provide user friendly interface.

Number of SMS Marketing SMS Transactional SMS
Upto 10,000 SMS 26 Paise 25 Paise
10,000-1,00,000 SMS 22 Paise 21 Paise
1,00,000-10,00,000 SMS 20 Paise 19 Paise
Above 10,00,000 SMS 18 Paise 17 Paise

smscluster.com offers wide coverage across India for their SMS service that includes all GSM and CDMA. One can promote their brand in any corner of the Globe just by using our Bulk SMS Services. For More

    • Sms with your Company Name.
    • Low cost - Bulk Sms
    • Stay connected with your customers round the clock.
    • Unlimited Personalized Sender IDs
    • Simple to Use-Easy Functionality
    • All India same Rate
    • No Software Or Hardware required
    • Easy Access - Any part of world
    • No Hidden Costs .